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Let’s start with the name. Invictus is Latin for ‘unbreakable'. It is also the title of a famous poem by William Earnest Henley. There, now you know!

Moving on to our ideology, in plain and simple words, we are content freaks.We breathe, eat, sleep, and dream good content. We envision a world where content receives its true standing.  

Our favorite Mr. Joker said in The Dark Knight - ‘If you are good at something, never do it for free.’ So we turned our obsession into our profession. We write, distribute, and market content. There are other services too, but content is integral to them as well.

I'm Varun

I am a classic example of life coming full circle. Having started with copywriting, I moved to sales, then project management, and then digital marketing, before I finally came to my senses. Now the buck stops here at Invictus and it doesn’t plan to go anywhere else!

Most active on Twitter @varunbht
Blogs atwww.varunbht.com


I'm Pooja

I have had a long-standing affair with content. Feared in my group for being a grammar Nazi, I am intolerant of bad writing and pseudo writers. My motto - 'Good content needs no justification and bad content cannot be salvaged by any’.  


Hours worked
Beer guzzled
Ideas brainstormed
Fights survived


Everything I do
Content Marketing

Good content gives you credibility. Good marketing gives you visibility. Choosing both for your brand … that’s sensibility!

Content Syndication

You write good content? Wonderful! Who’s reading it? Only a handful? Let’s change that. Let’s put you in the spotlight, shall we?

Content Creation

‘Content, content everywhere, and not a decent thing to read’. Time to rewrite this sad story and make it a happy read.

Social Media

Less media, more social. Less selling, more interacting. Less of a marketplace, more of a community. Just like it was meant to be.

Website Design

Photoshop is too complicated for us. We can’t code to save our lives. Still we make great websites. Our secret? We have common sense.

Brand Identity

Names are forgettable, brands are memorable. Let’s give you a makeover, Mr. Peter Parker. Let’s make you Spiderman.


Words are all I have
The Content Writing Saga

'500 words. 2 keywords 3 times each. 1 hour. Get going!'

This absurd string of commands was the standardized article writing brief used by most SEO companies until recent past. The so-called writer was free to choose a subject, make up the sections, and take whatever tone he/she liked. Not because these writers were super-skilled; oh, no, not at all! It was simply because none of these technicalities mattered.

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